Lots of requests to make an online experience of painting with me has resulted in this

straight from the heartdeep soul-searchingtons of writing
miles of paintingideas for getting your artistic blood pumpin’
100 year old house redone to film it all in
made special just for you 6 week online painting, inspiring, deep thinking, joyous course of creativity
appearances from my cat Eddie
(which did NOT come cheap by the way)
and oodles of professionally shot videos

Let's create colorful,
happy paintings...together!

Right off the bat, let me be clear...

This is an experience, not just a painting course

I’ve known for the longest time that painting can’t be cut off from the rest of you and
your life —it’s more than technique, it’s more than rules, it’s so much more than that.

Your heart knows what it wants.
To be expressed
To give of your gift....

so as this experience grew within me, so did the idea for what needed to be delivered.

This is not just a how to paint course.


This is a full blown, starting from the heart out, fresh eyed look at getting you - heart, body and soul - into the JOY of painting.

Who is dream love paint for?

Hands up if you can relate to....

  • You see life as a full bodied experience and this includes making art
  • You love painting but find yourself needing some instant inspiration
  • You like to work at home in your PJ’s
  • You like being able to fit learning to your schedule and busy life
  • You are shy about painting in front of others
  • Traveling to a workshop doesn’t fit your budget, health, or job constraints at this time
  • You want to paint more often and need some direction to help get you on the move
  • You like to paint in your own place at your own pace
  • You desire to do work that you love and that is truly you

This is instant inspiration.

  • Sold out workshops in the US and Europe
  • 3,000 and counting happy, inspired students
  • Close to 30 years as a professional artist
  • Real-life experience of painting, selling and building a strong online presence with my art
  • Original paintings selling as quickly as they come available

I’ve learned a thing or two about letting go, finding joy, arriving at my own unique artistic voice, falling in love with color, and letting go with the brush – in short – what works and what doesn’t and I can’t wait to share the best of it with YOU.

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing real change happen—and seeing YOU realize there IS a way to get to where you want to be with your art!

Testimonials from folks who have studied with me

This year over 1000 creative people (just like you) jumped on board to study with me in this online adventure! It’s already being called “life changing”, “the most meaningful, helpful, fun art course ever created”, “powerful and exceeding expectations in every way”, “one of the most rewarding experiences I have experienced in my lifetime” Below, scroll right to see what folks are saying about their experience!

Dream.Love.Paint is so much more than a fantastic painting course. I am a slow painter and having this at my fingertips at my own studio is perfect for me. Setting up the painting area with Dreama’s tips has made it a wonderful place of refuge for my painting. The inspiration and love from this course has made me a relaxed and less fearful painter. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested.

Joy S.

I am beyond thrilled. Dream.Love Paint is more than a painting class, it fulfills all the artistic and emotional needs of my soul. Painting is such a beautiful experience with Dreama.

Lou B.

Dream.Love.Paint is much more than wonderful painting instruction, which Dreama provides with grace, encouragement, and humor; it is also an inspiration to soul-search and discover the meaning in what we do as artists. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in your course and connecting with so many other wonderful people in the dedicated Facebook group. I look forward to continuing those friendships and returning for your next course!

Janette H.

This course is absolutely inspirational! I am just a beginner with painting and I am doing this course using acrylic paints. The way the course is put together is fabulous, the videos lead you through each painting step by step but the absolute bonus for me are Dreama's inspirational words. I look forward every week to the new material and find the course most instructional but most of all so uplifting! Thank you Dreama.

Angela R.

This online course is amazing. The integration of learning, writing, inspiration and modeling of artistic thought and technique is profoundly good! I have studied with Dreama in a live workshop and the online course is equally awesome. I am learning so much!! Dreama is beautiful, brilliant, and humble – a fantastic teacher!!

Ruth P.

So glad I took Dream.Love.Paint! I have gotten the “feel” of the paints so much better and love the technique Dreama uses. The very best though is how much Dreama inspires you to organize, nurture yourself, and find joy in the process!

Janet B.

Dreama's online workshop is wonderful! She is very thorough in her videos and has a great personality for teaching. She makes you feel like she is talking to just you! There is something for everyone to learn from her from the beginner to the well seasoned painter. And also being able to do it at your own pace. Dreama is so supportive and positive to every individual in her class! It really is a great experience.

Patty P.

Dreama gives you the basics and a whole lot more! I have been painting for many years and learned a whole new way of looking at both colors and brush techniques. The course website is chock full of good information as well as being easy to use. Dreama's inspirational messages are cheerful, fun and uplifting. I would recommend this online workshop to any artist at any level from beginner to advanced. There is so much to learn from Dreama!

Nancy S.

This course has been an inspiration on so many levels! Dreama explains her technique in clear concrete ways but that is just the beginning – she goes deep into the root of why we create and how to find one's own inner voice ...and follow it! I stumbled onto this course by luck and have found it to be just what I needed at the moment I needed it. So joyful to be part of it.

Hillary F.

I'm absorbing so much while painting along with Dreama and having so much fun sharing with everyone on FB - this online course is my happy place! It's been the perfect introduction to oil painting for this newbie. Dreama shares her tips, treats and techniques in such an encouraging way, she makes you believe in yourself as an artist and that your work has worth and value to the world. Thank you Dreama, this has been a life changing experience.

Marcia B.

This course has been the best I have ever taken! I learned so many valuable details like organizing my palette and how to brighten greens without adding white! But the most valuable to me were the words of wisdom that Dreama offered every lesson. The reminder of staying in tune with the unique gifts we have been given. To honor, who we are and to enjoy blooming right where we are.

Jenny B.

Dream.Love.Paint is so much more than a painting course. Dreama inspires us to focus on the joy, love, beauty and happiness in our lives and let that shine through our paintings. You are an amazing teacher as you share your wealth of artistic knowledge to guide us to create amazing paintings. The private FB group where artist from all over the world can share their experiences and encourage one another is awesome.

Jamie E.

Dream Love Paint immerses you in a full hearted approach to creating your art, combining practical strategies for making joyful art with life advice that makes all the difference in how you show up and do your thing.
Click here to watch the video.

A six week immersion into color and joy!

Here's the Lowdown:

As soon as you register, you will have access to all of the content split into 6 modules, filled to the brim with painting videos and inspiration!

You can work through at your own pace, in your own space! For ONE FULL YEAR.

This course features...

6 professionally filmed, high definition painting videos

One2one videos each week — heart and soul speak for the artist

Inspired writings with both audio and written versions

Inspire me pinups to download for your painting space

Quiet time/meditation videos filmed expressly for this course

Reference section crammed with helpful tips + videos about the painting process

Journal pages with prompts

Brush exercises

Surprise bonuses!

Color recipes

Tip sheets with each painting video that you can download

(hint: click on each icon to reveal all)

What we'll be covering:

Setting the stage for your creativity – fashioning a platform that supports you!

Using words, journaling and affirmations to craft your artistic intentions

Color Time!

Unguided meditation videos created for your quiet time – one for each week

Inspired writings from me that help YOU build your creative muscle!

Painting – starting, finishing, and miles of paint in between so you can see how to create luscious color and brush work in your paintings.

You get to look over my shoulder and see just how it’s done!

Conversations that enlighten and open up your thinking to endless possibilities for making your art

Practical, potent tips to keep you inspired and motivated

Surprise bonuses

Painting your heart out – why telling your truth is the best way to paint.

You’ll find answers to questions like – How can I paint looser? How do I decide what to paint? How can I avoid muddy colors in my paintings? How can I get vibrant color in my work?


Week One

We set the stage for your best creative work with in depth soul talk about quiet time, word power and journaling. We tend to your creative space with helpful ideas and tips. We get busy mixing transparent colors and opaque colors while making something inspiring for your painting place!


Week Four

A repurposed chair planted in France is our painting inspiration. This week and next we get into some all important brush play to get you to show up in your brush work! Being real is where it’s at for being your best creative self...we talk about that and the importance of using the reset button in life.


Week Two

We play some color games, look at the power of beginnings and how we arrive at JOY. And have you ever noticed how icing and oil paints sort of look alike? Well, we have the perfect composition to ice your paints onto this week...cupcake anyone?


Week Five

Getting Naked and Dancing With Your Brush (not necessarily in that order). Okay, I’m actually referring to my thoughts on being vulnerable as an artist and an exercise I created to get your brush moving—but admit it—the other did get your attention. This week we paint flowers in beautiful blue jars and wrap everything in LOVE!


Week Three

This week we paint sunshine in a jar (AKA sunflowers!) And like any good “cook”, I share my color recipes. Thoughts on why we paint and looking at gratitude are bound to stir your heart.


Week Six

Blue Shutters and Blooming Friends is our France inspired painting this week! I cover big ideas and when it comes to making our art....what it is that we must do. And I have some things to keep your creative juices flowing in the days ahead!

My intention is that this course touches you in big ways and small ways and in ways so subtle that only your heart can know that this was meant for you.


On top of all the great videos, audios, downloads, and just plain fun stuff, you also get:

Exclusive access to the DreamLovePaint Facebook community where you can share your creative process, ask questions, celebrate your achievements as your progress through the course and build beautiful relationships!

“Dreama, this is like your best painting yet! alive and dynamic one! I've never done anything like this before and the global community feel of this is very moving. Awe and happy tears for you and all of us.”



Frequently asked questions

Is DreamLovePaint suitable for any level?

I’ve been teaching sold out workshops in both the US and abroad for 10 years. In that time I’ve had the joy of witnessing all levels gaining new insights and discovering the genuine JOY that exists in painting! For that reason, this course is opened to everyone—from those just getting started to the more experienced painters looking for new discoveries and creative inspiration. Some general understanding of color mixing and basic drawing skills is helpful, but not required.

The painting videos allow you to see exactly what colors I’ve mixed and am using and the close-ups show you how I lay the paint on. You have the added advantage over a live workshop in that you can hit rewind and watch a section as many times as needed. In addition, the images that you will paint from are gridded to assist you with drawing it in.

Obviously each person will achieve varying results based on their level of skill, but even if you are a beginner, I think you will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

And last but not least, you have access to all of the content for one full year so you have plenty of time to work through the material.

What do I get out of this course and what can I expect to learn?

Get the scoop on how you can paint looser and not get bogged down in detail. No sweat techniques to getting glowing color in your paintings. Learn how to create with joy and infuse that into your work. Get more feeling and emotion into each and every brush stroke.

How it Works

The program is broken up into six weekly modules. All content is housed in the Dream.Love.Paint private membership site, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up. All of the content will be available to you once you register.

You don’t need to be present at a certain time online to do this. Since online workshops are not live lectures, you can "attend" them at any time and view the material at your own pace. One of the things I love about the online workshop platform is this…
it allows you to work in your own place at your own pace - stopping and starting as many times as you wish!
Once lessons are posted, you can log in anytime and work through at your convenience. You will have access to the course content for ONE FULL YEAR.

Each week’s lesson has a HD professionally shot painting video. There are 6 painting videos in all that include happy scenes in France and colorful bouquets waiting for you to paint them.

I have also added many things to inspire you and kick-start your creative self into full gear including:

• journaling prompts
• one2one videos each week - heart and soul talks designed to inspire the artist
• color recipes
• words to surround yourself with that will inspire you
• videos for meditation
• and lots of bonuses!

What system requirements are needed?

This is an online course so you will need internet access. You can read, watch and listen to the materials on laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Will I need high speed internet to access the videos?

Yes, absolutely. All videos are high-definition and will require a high speed internet connection. If you are able to view the video at the top of this page, you should be fine.

When does the course start?

As soon as you register, you will have access to all of the content.

I have a vacation/job deadline/wedding right in the middle of the course and might fall behind. Does that matter?

Not at all. All of the content is available to you for ONE FULL YEAR. It’s up to you how quickly you wish to work through it. You have twelve full months to complete the course, so no worries!

I understand that the paintings in this course are done in oil. Can I use acrylics instead?

This is a course of painting and inspiration which means that much of the content applies to everyone. There is conversation on painting looser, brushwork, paint application, simplifying—-things that fit most any medium.

You are welcome to use whatever colors, brushes, mediums, and surfaces that you wish for following along on this online workshop. Always know that any artist’s work that you may admire looks the way it does based on specific things they are using/doing.
My painting “recipes” are like any regular kitchen recipe you might cook up. The more substitutions you make in ingredients, the greater the variance in the results.

Understanding this can help you make the choices that are right for you when it comes to your supplies and your budget. I let you know specifically what I use—and why—so that you know exactly how I achieve the vibrant colors and effects that I do in my paintings.

My best advice, if you are still unsure what’s best for you, is to simply take me up on the 15 day money back guarantee. This will allow you to see if there’s something there for you or not. If it doesn’t fit you, just cancel before the 15 days are up!

Can I share the content of this course?

This content of the Dream.Love.Paint course is for your personal use only. Please be mindful that this is a private course for those who have registered and paid. Please do not share links.

Can the work I do in this course be sold or exhibited?

No, and here’s why. The paintings featured in the course are for learning purposes only and the inspiration, design, and step by step methods for doing each painting are the creative property of DreamLovePaint.

Can I use this course material to teach this method, conduct workshops/classes, or write an article?

No and thank you. The course material is intended only for those individuals who have registered and paid for the DreamLovePaint course.

What kind of supplies will I need?

My vibrant colors and brush work are achieved with oil paints and that is what is suggested for this course. A supply list of the colors I use, brush, medium, and suggested painting surface can be viewed by clicking here.

Can I download the content/videos?

All the pdfs are downloadable and printable. Videos are are not downloadable.

Can I share my work from the class on my blog/Facebook etc?

If you’d like to share the paintings that you’ve done during the course just give credit to the learning source by using our hashtag #DreamLovePaint! Much expense, thought and care has gone into creating all the material for the DreamLovePaint course and sharing any of its copyrighted content online or elsewhere is prohibited.

How much time do I need to allocate to take part in the course?

Since painting is an integral part of this course and everyone works at a different pace there’s not a specific one size fits all answer to the question. Course content is open to you for one full year, giving you plenty of time to complete it, no matter what your pace or lifestyle!

Can I ask questions during the class?

Absolutely! We’ll be using our private Dream.Love.Paint Facebook group to offer assistance and keep an eye on questions that come up :-)

How is this online class different to taking an in-person workshop with Dreama?

It’s like comparing an apple with an orange. Both are great for entirely different reasons. Meeting Dreama in person and having hands on learning at your easel is wonderful however, you can’t hit the replay button in a live workshop and you have access to Dreama’s methods by way of video for 12 full months online as opposed to 3 days in a live workshop. Note: Dreama is currently focused on creating more online offerings and is not conducting live workshops at this time.

What about refunds?

I’m pretty positive you are going to LOVE the Dream.Love.Paint course. Why else would I do it? To put your mind completely at ease, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Ask for a refund within 15 days of purchase and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.

Try it on, mix some color, get inspired, feel some JOY…..all risk free!

Can I give this to a friend as a present?

Yes! To purchase a gift certificate for somebody please contact Ron at

I have more questions - who can I contact?

You can reach Dreama & the team at


You don’t want to just paint. You want your paintings to reflect you, your heart, and your soul. I get that.

I’ve created a special place for us to do just that, filled with special touches to nourish your spirit. A place that encourages and inspires you to start from the only real place one can ever start—-the heart. I knew when I started this journey of creating DREAM.LOVE.PAINT that every nuance, every painting created, every meditation video filmed, every nesting area created, must, should, HAD to be filled with LOVE. My mission, above all, is to inspire you to do your work. So of course I show you how I paint. How to get fantastic colors. Ways to get playful with your brush marks. But most importantly, I push, pull, and overwhelm you with the desire to believe in the specialness of your gift and the importance of having it fully evolved. Ready to be inspired, to paint with the colors of your heart and to let the magic of your brush escape onto the canvas? Ready to find your inspiration and get glowing colors in your work?

My Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m pretty positive you are going to LOVE the Dream.Love.Paint course. Why else would I do it? To put your mind completely at ease, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Ask for a refund within 15 days of purchase and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.

Try it on, mix some color, get inspired, feel some JOY…..all risk free!

If you have any more questions please email