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All of the information, insights, or guidance (the “Information”) supplied through the  Website and  Course,  which  may  be  created  by  us  or  a  third  party, contained  in  or made available through the Website is provided for your general convenience and general information, and cannot replace or substitute  for any professional advice or the services of a trained professional in any field.Such Information is based on personal experiences and anecdotal evidence, and  is not intended to provide and does not constitute  medical, legal, or other professional advice.  You are encouraged to make your own inquires and seek independent professional advice from qualified professionals.

The  Website  and  Course express  an  individual  and  unique interpretation  of painting and life.  The Company cannot and does not guarantee that you will receive any specific  benefit  or  result  from  the  Information.    Your  level  of  success  with  the  Course depends on a wide variety of factors, including, but not limited to, yourskills, knowledge, ability,  dedication,  implementation,  engagement  and  commitment.    You  are  solely responsible for the results you achieve, and the Company makes no promise or guarantee of certain results.

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