Supplies List

My vibrant colors and brush work are achieved with oil paints and that is what is outlined in the supply lists for the Dream.Love.Paint course.

Note about Acrylics: My method in oils is working alla prima (wet layer back into wet layer). Acrylics dry rapidly and make for a different result. Much of my thought process, loose style and brush work is applicable to both mediums. If you prefer to use acrylics, there is a list below, that I have put together for you to match my oil colors.

Do I need to buy everything on the supplies list?

You are welcome to use whatever colors, brushes, mediums, and surfaces that you wish for following along on this e-course.

You can always build a wish list for later as you watch the videos.

I want you to feel the liberty to pick and choose what you like/need according to your budget AND at the same time let you know specifically what I use—and why—so that you know exactly how I achieve the vibrant colors and effects that I do in my paintings. Fair enough?

To that end, I have created 3 separate supply lists (along with a palette layout for each list). Select the one that best suits your needs!

Dreama’s Premium Supply List
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Premium list contains the professional grade colors I use on my paintings along with my favorite brush and painting panels.

Dreama’s Premium Palette Layout
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Dreama’s Value Supply List
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For the budget-minded, I have created a $$$ saver’s list of my recommendations for this course.

Dreama’s Value List Palette Layout
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Water Based Oil Supply List
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Prefer to work with water based oils? I’ve got you covered with this list of colors and mediums to use that will capture the colors and look you want.

Water Based Oil Palette Layout
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Dreama’s Golden Acrylic Supply List

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Outside the U.S.?

Please go to the Dreama’s Tips page here. Scroll down and click on the title “Outside the U.S.? Substitute Suggestions for Some Supplies” Dreama has added her recommendations for suppliers outside of the USA.